Born in Kent in the 1960’s, Caroline has had an interest in drawing and painting from a young age; however, it is only in the last ten years that she has honed her skills in sculpture, painting and ceramics.  Following a figurative drawing class in her local town in 2010, Caroline decided to enrol on a clay figurative sculpting class. This evolved into a passion for sculpting and was a great platform for exploring and progressing into portraiture sculpting.  


Largely self-taught, Caroline’s sculpting commissions have been of human portraiture, however more recently, she has received commissions for animal portraiture; primarily dogs, in both clay and bronze and has relished the challenge.


Caroline’s ‘SheShed’ studio was built in 2016 and has provided her with the space to not only expand her sculpting and oil painting but also to branch out into the field of artisan ceramics.  By converting the garage and installing a kiln, Caroline has created a workable space to make her moulded bowls and is exploring ways of extending her range of ceramic products.